Use It or Lose It

/ December 2, 2014 /

There is no better time than now to give yourself the present of a nice, healthy smile. Most people have dental plans with yearly benefits. Many people are under the false impression that if they don’t use their dental benefits this year, the benefits will will then roll over into the next year. In our experience, we have never come across a plan that has allowed the benefit holder to do so. Unfortunately, if you don’t use your dental benefits by the end of the year, you would have lost lost money towards dental care that was rightfully yours. For example, if you have a dental insurance plan with maximum yearly benefit of $1,000 and you only use $200 this year, you will lose the other $800 at the end of the year. The following year you will have another $1,000 to work with, not $1,800 as you may have thought. Dental insurance companies have this “use it or lose it” philosophy.

To be a smart consumer, try to maximize your dental benefits by using them before the end of the year on any needed or anticipated dental problems.

If you have had a toothache for a while, been bothered by a cracked tooth, have some gum disease, or have any other dental concerns, now is the time of the year to see your dentist or dental hygienist and receive the benefits that are rightfully yours. Our office manager, Becky, is well acquainted with all of the local insurance plans and can help you plan your dental care in order to receive maximum benefit and save you money in the long run.


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