Breaking the excuses

/ July 6, 2014 /

As dentists, we have seen all different types of patients from all kinds of different backgrounds. Fortunately, most of the patients are well aware of importance of oral health for their healthy life styles. However, occasionally we encounter some patients who avoid going to see dentists for many different reasons. I have compiled some of them.

I don’t go to dentists because nothing hurts me

A lack of discomfort does not mean a lack of disease. The prime examples are diabetes and cancers. Those are often very quiet but when they become noticeable it is usually too late to treat them or all the damages are done.  Most of cavities and gum disease are very quiet and not noticeable. When you know that you have cavities or gum diseases, you are most likely bound for root canals or even loss of the teeth.

I don’t go to dentists because it is too expensive

Dentistry can be expensive. But I noticed the most expensive treatments are the treatments to correct the disasters and emergencies like broken teeth, tooth ache, or replacements. For example, for a price to fix a broken tooth with tooth ache, you could get easily 10 – 20 preventive cleanings and check ups. I found that those who spent the least amount of money in a dental office are those who come to dentists regularly. That is why all most all the insurance companies pay 80 – 100 percent of preventive treatments. Obviously, they know they pay the least amount of money when people go to see dentists regularly.

I don’t go to dentists because I am scared to death

Dentistry is not like what it is used to be. First there are so many newer types of numbing agents that can help you.  There is Nitrous Oxide so called laughing gas. There are number of offices including ours that offer sedation dentistry. Lasers and air abrasion can reduce the need for needles and drills for the small cavities.

But again, the more regularly you go to see your dentist, the less need for larger complex treatments. I have many patients who I think only come in for cleanings for past three to four years because they have nothing else needed to be done. How many of people are scared to death about getting professional cleanings? I would say very few.

I don’t go to dentists because I am busy with my schedule.

There are many dentists in Peterborough now who are open in evening and weekends. I am sure you can find a spot for your visits.

I don’t go to dentists because I am going to get denture later

Remember denture and partials are NOT replacements for your teeth. They are replacements for your NO-Teeth.  Also remember having dentures mean that you now have to think about what to eat and what to not eat.  So try not to go there if you can. Strikingly people with full dentures have shown to live 10 years shorter than people with full set of teeth. Reasons are quite obvious but include choices of food, digestions and psychology.



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